“ADULTERY” LASAA Boss And His Special Adviser, Temitayo Etomi, in Adultery Scandal

All over the world, office relationship or a boss-subordinate affair is a common phenomenon. That is why the open relationship between George Noah, the urbane, smooth-talking gentleman that superintends over the Lagos State Advertising and Signage Agency, LASAA, and Temitayo Etomi, his fiery Special Adviser, Operations, is seen as no big deal; one that is not solid enough to make one’s hair bristle.

However, the big deal about the steamy affair is Temitayo’s metamorphosis into an imperious major-domo, which is now threatening the fabric of the agency.

According to inside sources, by virtue of her unofficial role of keeping the MD very happy and busy under the bed sheet, Temitayo, a mother of one, has extended her dominance of George’s heart to the dominance of the agency and everyone who works there.

This has not gone down well with senior officials of LASAA, and they are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Temitayo’s ways. As the story goes, there wouldn’t have been so much anger pervading the thriving agency if the couple had restricted their serial diddling to their various rendezvous across the metropolis but for the fact that George had practically handed over the running of the agency to Temitayo. Senior officials are being trampled upon with impunity.

Temitayo’s words have become law. Yet, this is an agency she joined barely two years ago. Her hold on George has emboldened her to talk down on people, take unilateral decisions and circumvent all money-making avenues.

Last December, Temitayo was reported to have made tens of millions of naira during the Lagos Countdown, an initiative of LASAA, because she was in charge of the event. She ran the show from start to finish.

Many did not begrudge her on this because the consensus was that it was a successful show. Where they begrudge her most is in the fact that some of the people in the agency do not even have any educational qualification, they came through the back doors. These people were those she put on the Lagos Countdown brief. And they all made a kill from it.

Another source disclosed to yemojanews that if Temitayo’s relationship with the MD doesn’t end up becoming her major undoing in life, the shenanigans of her clique in LASAA surely would. One of her ‘boys’, Wale, is currently in prison for a fraud in the IT department. The messy details of Temitayo’s involvement in the deal that sent the young man to prison are common knowledge to staff in the agency.

As it is, Temitayo’s cup, sources say, is becoming full and if nothing is done about it, LASAA might implode.

We are sure Governor Babatunde Fashola who has nurtured this agency to its current status would not sit back and watch a mere female employee bring it to ruination.




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