NAIL TIPS: How Diet Affects Your Nails by BE VOGUE SOLUTION.

If you want your nails in tip-top condition you need to ensure you have the right diet, say experts.

Cosmetic nail hardeners and polishes may mask defects, but they don’t address the underlying issues that prevent the cultivation of beautiful nails.

Weak, brittle or flaky nails and white spots on the nail bed are a sure sign of nutritional deficiencies.

Advanced Nutrition Program, a unique nail science complex, has selected a balanced combination of natural ingredients aimed at supporting normal nail growth and condition.

Being low in one or another nutrient can cause nail problems, but poor nails are not made healthy simply by boosting one element alone.

The unique Nail Science complex ensures the synergy required for optimal absorption and use of complementary ingredients.

Research has shown that taking vitamins, especially biotin, can improve nail strength. The key ingredients in Nail Science are biotin, calcium, horsetail and specially selected vitamins and minerals.

Biotin improves nail growth and strength, reduces moisture loss and stimulates cell renewal. Calcium, an important component of nails, is supported by L-Lysine and vitamin D, which help the body use the mineral.

The B vitamins all work together to increase circulation to the nails and contribute to hardness.

Minerals such as iron, zinc and copper help make strong cells for strengthening connective tissue and zinc in particular assists in preventing white spots. The herb horsetail is rich in nail components, silicilic acid and silicates, which also strengthenconnective tissue to reduce brittleness and Vitamin E. The



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