Going nude depend on what you promote – Hope odabi…OOU top model and presenter


Is another beautiful week in the month of june. For the living is a blessing to see the breaking of the day and so we are happy to present another future star, young looking personality with a great sense of possibility, achiever and a goal getter…Great fans we present to you the TOP PERSONLITY OF THE WEEK….HOPE ODABI, a student of english language OOU, A model and presenter.

Pls read as she share her life style, career and school life with us…stay tune and enjoy this exclusive interview from your darling blog.

PRIENBLOG: Can we meet you ?

Am hope Odabi,a student of english language OOU,hail from delta,and also a model and presenter.

PRIENBLOG: How has life been has a student ?

Its been fun,stressful,full of experiences and meeting of wonderful young people with great dreams and vision, ready to take the upper step of life.

PRIENBLOG: How do u cope been a student, presenter and a model ?

Well! when there is passion for what you do,one way or the other you tend to make it work no matter how hard it is.

PRIENBLOG: Talking of modelling, why do you choose to go into modelling ?

I love modelling,and its what makes me happy,the camera,light and attention is what I love most .it feels good to love and do what you do and that’s what am doing.

PRIENBLOG: What are the experiences so far, the pain , gain and challenges ?

Well, got my certificate from the modelling academy (TmA), nothing big yet,done shoots for Diko photography,runway shows in school…

mixing school with modelling is a bit stressful, trying to get jobs and at the same time not missing lectures, but hoping for bigger things to come though

PRIENBLOG: Are you sign to any modelling agency ?

Well none yet…am not under any agency for now.

PRIENBLOG: Is there any hope of making it in modelling industry without agency ?

To me I think one can only help his/herself to a point but to get to the bigger picture one needs a reliable agency.

PRIENBLOG: Is your parent in support of your career choice ?

Truth of the matter is they are not,but am working hard to prove to them that this is what I love doing and I can be successful doing it.

PRIENBLOG: There’s this rumour that some agency want to ve sex with models before giving them job…How true is that ?

True…like I said before,the fraudsters in the industry makes it hard for the upcoming models,it takes the grace of God not to fall a victim to one.

PRIENBLOG: What can you say about modelling industry in Nigeria, any prospect ?

Oh well….its not as easy as it looks,and knowing how much youths of our time wants so hard to get into it,the fraudsters in the industry is more than the genuine agencies,making it hard for new acts to break through.

PRIENBLOG: Is there any different modelling abroad and modelling here in nigeria ?

Yes there is a lot,the opportunities there is beta than in our country,sponsorship and there advance nature,but all the same the changes in the industry now in Nigeria is tremendous.

PRIENBLOG: what do you think can be done to enhance the nigeria modelling industry ?

I think if more people and organisation come in to help,and the industry becomes more professional,that is,giving jobs to people that worth it,then we will be one step forward in competing with the world

PRIENBLOG: As a young art..who do you look up to in the industry ?

Wow…I look up to a lot of people,mostly Nigerians that have been able to work their way to the top such as Toolz,Omotola jalade,Agbani darego,Brian okpara…and many others.

PRIENBLOG: where do you see your self in the next five years and how do you intend to make a different ?

*laughing * I see myself doing a lot of things in the entertainment industry,because I see myself as a powerhouse.for how I intend to make a difference,being myself and not relenting in my effort to leave a mark to be remembered in the future.

PRIENBLOG: Can you go nude on the cost of modelling ?

It depends on what it promotes

PRIENBLOG: We ve seen some models go nude on cover of magazine..do you think is right ?

Like I said before it depends on what it is promoting,for example khloe kardashian did a shoot naked,saying she rather go naked than wear fur…that is an awareness to stop the usage of animal skin for clothes.

PRIENBLOG: Some fans re confuse about this..what is the different btw commercial model and runway ?

A commercial model deals with adverts,music video and other while runway deals more with runway

PRIENBLOG: Dress code ?

I like it simple…am a jeans person.

PRIENBLOG: What’s your favourite colour ?

smiling I Dnt really have a favourite colour…anything that flows with what I feel at a particular time goes.

PRIENBLOG:How do you handle your male fans ?

Laughingit takes the grace of God oh

PRIENBLOG: In one word…what is modelling ?

Modelling to be is expression.

PRIENBLOG: What word of advice do you have for those one still coming or dreaming to be a model ?

am upcoming also,so the advice is for us all,stay strong,determination is the key.

PRIENBLOG: How can those your fans out there who admire your work get in touch with you.

You can reach me with this following..
Facebook page: hope Odabi,
IG: cuttiemizz
Twitter: @Hbabe06



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