LUTH doctors vow not to return to work

Association of Resident Doctors, Lagos University Teaching, LUTH-ARD, weekend insisted that they would not return to work despite the management of the institution meeting one of their  core demands.
The doctors demanded that the management released a letter clearly starting the duration of residency training in LUTH.

However, the President of LUTH- ARD, Dr. Omojowolo Olubumi, confirmed to Vanguard that the hospital management had released list of resident doctors in some departments that they had earlier complained that had no resident doctors for over three years. 

Investigations by Vanguard showed that patients in dire need of healthcare might have started boycotting the hospital and seeking care elsewhere.

Findings revealed that the Accident and Emergency ward and critical outpatients departments remained shut ,  while the few patients who turned up left soon afterwards, noting that there was no point waiting endlessly for services that were not likely to be rendered.
Up till yesterday, new patients were still being turned back.

At the weekend, waiting rooms were deserted. The usually congested clinics were a shadow of the normal days.
All the ancillary services like the pharmacy department, diagnostic laboratories, radiology department, and records among others were all devoid of activities.

An outpatient, Bimpe, booked for surgery over the weekend, told Vanguard she had waited for so long only to be told doctors were on strike, saying “I came all the way from Ogun state since Thursday only to be told that the doctors are on strike.”
Bimpe is just one out of thousands who must have suffered the same fate.

Speaking,  Olubumi  said “They have been able to release list of new residents in all the departments that we listed earlier but we are yet to receive the letter we requested for. 

We cannot go back to work until the letters stating clearly the duration of residency training in the hospital are made available.  By tomorrow, I believe some of the issues will be sorted out.   Once we have those letters, we will go back to work and we will continue to negotiate on other issues.”

Also, the Chief Medical Director, Professor Akin Osibogun expressed hope that the crisis would soon be over, stressing “We hope that good reason will prevail shortly. Some of the issues slated for discussions are going on with national unions and will be resolved through dialogue.”


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