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The ultimate goal of every student in school is to pass his/her examination with flying colors. It might not be to impress family and friends but to be promoted to the next class or to get a good job after.

Though my survey and experience, I found out that 96% of students feel anxious about exam. The reason is because they don’t know how to achieve their goal. It is lack of this knowledge that cause “exam fever” during the examination period which finally results to mass failure.

For this reason, let me welcome you to examination success series, where I will expose the 7 secret of scoring good grade in any giving examination to you. I will breakdown each of the secret into different parts in various posts, for your better understanding.

Kindly, take your precious time to read and digest each of the secret as much as you could. They would open your eye to see things you haven’t be doing right that causes anxiety and make you see ways to improve your exam performance.

Below are the secrets of obtaining excellence in any giving examination every student should know. I break-down each secret into various posts and also include links to them.

The secrets of examination success

Secret #1: Desire

The starting point of any great achievement in life is desire. I find out that desire is the first thing you need before you could achieve any tangible thing in life.

Desire + Work = Success

Secret #2: Study

The work of every student is to study. There is no way you could understand anything, if you did not spend time to study it. When you study, you acquire the knowledge and skill needed to answer a question correctly in a giving test.

The ultimate secret of examination success is to study your books very hard. Make sure you read every area you feel they might set question from.

Secret #3: Positive belief

You most first have the belief in your mind that you will pass the exam, before you could eventually pass it. There is no way you can succeed in anything, if you did not belief positively that success is yours. So before you enter into the exam hall, have a strong positive mental belief that you will write and pass the examination.

Secret #4: Clarity of purpose

“When a purpose of a thing is unknown, abuse is inevitable”. What you want have to be clear to you first, before you can know how to achieving it.

Therefore, get a pen and paper. Write the exact grade you want to score on each subject. Place this written statement in your front anytime you are studying, so that your purpose will be clear to you always.

Secret: #5: Preparation

My favorite quote to every student is “He who fails to prepare, prepare to fail”. That is why I write about mental and physical preparation for examination in my previous post. I recommend you to read them for deeper understanding on how to prepare for exam.

Secret #6: Creative vision

You need to go into the exam hall with your creative vision, so that the way you answer questions will be different from anyone else. Be creative with your writing. Communicate to the examiner and prove it through your strategic ways of approaching the question that you really understand the topic.

The level of your creativity, will determine the level of your success.

Secret #7: Time management

Effective time management is an important skill you need to achieve success in an examination. You can’t score the whole mark needed to pass a course, if you spent all of your time to answer a question out of five, which carries equal marks.

Divide your time equally on each question you are asked to answer by using stop watch to time yourself and attempt every question you are asked to correctly.

In summary

Examination is a thing that cannot be taking away from student and she is not ready to go away soon. That is why this secret is very important because they are what lead to success in any giving examination.

What are you waiting for? Start right now to discover the secrets of examination success in the next post…stay tune and always visit..this blog more tips.


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