TOP PERSONALITY OF THE: People think DJ work is for the jobless, Lagos top DJ.. DJ MAKENZEE real

Yeah….Is another beautiful week with new dream and vision and we at PRIENBLOG are grateful for the week . Today we set to introduce a superlative super star, One of the finest and youngest DJ of our time.

Just last week we come across DJ MAKENZEE, one of the top and finest DJ in town on the wheel of steel.

Makenzee is has been on the wheel for quit some time, working with some of the top radio stations and clubs in lagos, putting up strong performance in top event and show across the nation.

It was a pleasure chatting with him, sit back, relax and see what he gat to say….

@PRIENBLOG: Can we meet you dj McKenzie.

My name is McMorris from akwa ibom state, a lagos base DJ….aka Makenzee

@PRIENGLOG: What does your growing up is as a DJ ?

Is been well living as a DJ..I must say am enjoying my life as one of the top DJ’s though it was not east climbing this lather. It was full of different challenges mouth cannot mention but thank God for today.

@PRIENGLOG:What led you into dj?

what led me into dj was the day i went to a studio with my friend who is an artist for recording and i was just sitting in the studio without doing any thing, a thought just came to me about music, if i can’t sing it then i should be able to play it out 4 people to listen and that’s how i started.

@PRIENGLOG: What are the major challenges in this field ?

The major challenges ar the instrument. The are too exorbitant to purchase by d upcoming djs & d Dj association is functioning below expectation, in the sense that they only reckon with the Djs that has made it to the top & also d Djs ar not properly renumerated when they render services

@PRIENGLOG: What has been your most dulling moment playing a show ?

The most dulling moment was a day i was playing in a big event & suddenly the current of the light fluctuated & burnt my turntable…

@PRIENGLOG: Ve you really play in any major even and what is experience like ?

The experience is that, i felt good being on the wheel of steel and the people are enjoying the mix, it just make me keep on doing disk jockey

@PRIENGLOG: What do you think about Dj in nigeria ?

What i think abt djs in nigeria is most of them ar not well trained to do disk jockey. more so, majority of the people who parade them self as as Dj do not really understand the technicality & concept of a Dj

@PRIENGLOG: What do u think can be done to enhance dj work in nigeria.

What can the done to enhance Dj wrk in nigeria, is for the government to be fully involve & the Djs association should stand up to its responsiblity

@PRIENGLOG: People don’t really value dj work, what do u think is the cause ?

People don’t value Dj wrk b’coz the society has a mindset, that the so called Dj wrk is meant for the jobless people & drop out.

@PRIENGLOG: You ve been in the scene for quit some time now, what’s the pain and gain for dj profession ?

Well the gain is to meet people & to make one famous. While the pain is the negative attitude from d society.

@PRIENGLOG: Playing on stage, what really. ginger or inspire you to hit more ?

What inspire me is the fact that people ar enjoying my mix & encouragement from fans

@PRIENGLOG: What do u ve to say about young dj looking up to guys like you and d rest of top Dj ?

The young Djs should be focused & concentrate on their jobs, they should not allow the fame & women to get into their head..

@PRIENGLOG: Final words for those reading.

Final words, lets encourage the Dj profession in this part of the world & lets start seein it as a decent job….

@PRIENGLOG: How can those who need ur service reach out to you, any contact ?

My contact is 08029666379 & 08138437350, what’s app me wit the airtel line, my facebook: Morris Makenzee

Thank you very much and stay tune to PRIENBLOG.COM FOR MORE ABOUT ME…peace.



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