10 Reasons to Simplify Your Life By prienblog

Simplifying your life is one of the easiest strategies for creating major change in your life.  Most of us understand the value of simplification, yet at times we lose focus or motivation.  I hope this list of 10 reasons to simplify your life will help get you back on track!

Simplifying your life:

1…Reduces stress.

Streamlining and simplification cut down on the overwhelm that comes from too many choices, too many obligations, and too little time.

2…Allows more time for what’s really important to you.

So often we fill our lives with things we feel we need to do, but which are in fact “shoulds.”  Since shoulds usually come from the expectations of others, very few of these things make us happy.  When you create time and space through simplification, you allow yourself time for what YOU want to do!  (Not to mention the fact that eliminating shoulds is a great place to start simplifying!)

3…Brings you to your center on a regular and consistent basis.

When we aren’t wasting our energy on activities that don’t resonate with us, we allow ourselves the time and space to visit our center, our place of wisdom, the place we connect to God, regularly and consistently.  Imagine living from this space on an ongoing basis!

4…Increases your attractiveness.

With so much media attention on “The Secret” and the law of attraction, it’s important to note that the simpler your life is, the more your unique light can shine.  The brighter your flame, the closer what you attract is to what you want.

5….Helps you live “in” the present.

When your life is filled only with what is important to you, it is easier to stay present in every moment.  It’s my firm belief that living in the present (having completed the past and planned for the future) is the key to acheiving wholeness.

6..Produces a sense of graceful, elegant living.

Have you every picked up a copy of House Beautiful or Architectural Digest and seen a room overflowing with stuff?  Perhaps once in a great while, but most homes depicted in these magazines are spacious, neat and often sparsely decorated.  When your living environment makes you feel like you have room to spread your wings, you tend to soar through life!

7..Makes it easier to move from “just enough” to “having extra.”

Abundance is a state of mind, and it’s interesting to me that the more we have, the more we feel we need.  When we streamline our lives, it becomes easier to put this into perspective.  Suddenly, we can see that what was barely enough in fact gives us a reserve.  When we know we have “extra”, it’s easier to feel secure, generous and oriented towards growth.

8..Creates space for new to come in.

I’m sure that somewhere along the way you’ve heard the advice “If you want new (xxx), then clean out your closet!”  Whether it’s clients, friends or money, the idea is the same.  Letting go of the old, things you no longer love or use, makes room in your life. 
This room can be filled by anything, not necessarily what you let go of.  The important thing is to set intention while you are discarding the old:  “As I let go of this paisley shirt, I am allowing room for more clients in my life!”

9…Energizes your life.

The simpler your life is, the fewer obstacles you encounter in day-to-day living, and the more refreshed and energized you feel.  As you start the process of streamlining, pay attention to your energy level.  Notice how you feel like doing more, how change begets change, and how joyous life feels!  By the way, Feng Shui practitioners often suggest moving 27 things to get the energy in your home moving.  And notice I said moving, not re-moving!  If you are having trouble getting started eliminating the excess in your life, moving 27 items (even if just swapping them around) is a perfect exercise to get the energy moving!

10..Is ultimately maintenance free……

As you go through the process of simplifying your life, create a goal of being ultimately maintenance-free.  With that as an end goal, I believe you will find it easier to simplify and not just change things around. 

For example, it takes less time to dust the fewer the items you need to pick up to dust under.  Even letting go of a client who zaps your energy can leave you more time and vitality to tackle more of your “ideal” clients. 

Don’t let the fear of losing what you have stop you from obtaining what you want!

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