OAU Students Refuse To Leave Campus Despite It Being Shut Down

The students of Obafemi Awolowo University have refused to exit the school premises despite the school authorities asking them to leave.

The uni was shut down earlier this week for what school authorities described as “persistent disruption of normal activities and peace on campus as a result of violent demonstrations by students, led by the Student Union Executive”.

Words reaching NAIJABANG are that the Students’ Union (SU) blocked all the entrance and exit of the University yesterday. The SU also has refused to allow the students, who stay in campus to leave.

The admin of OAU directed all students to vacate their Halls of Residence and the University premises immediately and not later than 12 noon on Thursday, 19th June, 2014 but as at this morning, Friday 20th June only a handful of them have left. The students that have left the campus sneaked out of school at around 3am earlier this morning, we are told. 

Police have not been able to enter into the Uni to enforce actions. As the uni has been shut down, there’s been no light, water in the Uni while some students remain stuck


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