MUSIC: KGMG – plenty money

Kush Gang Money Gang” better known as “KGMG” is an Independent Group/Label made up of 3 exciting solo afrobeats artists, who go by the name of “CYFAR”, “POPE KID” and “DAMOLIN”.

The greatest thing about the group is it’s family roots; with CYFAR and POPE KID being cousins and DAMOLIN a close family friend of theirs. CYFAR whose real name is Michael Odeleye is also an up and coming actor and he is based in London, England, while POPE KID(Femi Popoola) and DAMOLIN(Damola Adedeji) are based in Lagos and Ibadan, Nigeria.

The group is also managed by another family member Damilola Popoola better known as “DAMICOAL”, who is an accountant affiliated with DHL(one of the biggest transport and courier companies in the world.

Brand New! Fresh to Death!! Debut Single!!! entitled “Plenty Money” from the soon to be “Biggest Crew on the Afrobeats Scene”!!!! better known as “KGMG” or “Kush Gang Money Gang” and produced by well known Ibadan, Nigeria producer “TQ”.

They are new to the scene but already they are starting to make waves in the underground clubs in Lagos/Ibadan, Nigeria and even in several sections of London Afrobeats Scene. Already it is clear that this group are going places and are the one of the names to watch out for.

The 3 amazing artists in the group (CYFAR, POPE KID & DAMOLIN) certainly delivered on this one without a doubt!!. “Plenty Money” is the Summer 2014 Jam of the year, and will surely send listeners(Ladies and Ballers likewise) dancing away their sorrows and living in the moment. It’s a song for the baller’s in the club showing of their swag and cash.

Ladies will love the song for silky delivery from these great young artists. It’s a song for any party playlist, and it certainly won’t disappoint. Enjoy and watch out for more!!!

To contact the Group for live performances or to make any inquiries, please contact their manager on any of these numbers:

Damilola Popoola(08132632301 or 08115516195)
Michael Odeleye UK(07947526619)   



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