MAD MAN Luis Suarez is facing a ban from the rest of the World Cup.

The controversial Liverpool and Uruguay sunk his teeth into the shoulder of Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini in an off-the-ball clash 11 minutes from the end of their stormy Group D clash in Natal.

Mexican referee Marco Rodriguez Moreno did not see the clash but FIFA disciplinary officials are almost certain to take retrospective action and suspend Suarez after TV replays clearly show him sinking his teeth into Chiellini. FIFA’s disciplinary code sets a maximum ban of 24 matches or two years, but the longest ban in World Cup history was eight games for Italy’s Mauro Tassotti for breaking Spain’s Luis Enrique’s nose in 1994 with an elbow.

It was a repeat of Suarez’s infamous bite on the arm of Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic 14 months ago that earned him a 10-game ban. And during his time with Ajax in Holland he was banned for seven games for biting an opponent’s ear.

A furious Chiellini, who pulled down his shirt and chased after the referee to show him the bite marks that showed up clearly on photographs, claimed FIFA would not take action because they wanted to protect their star players.

He said: “Suarez is a sneak and he gets away with it because FIFA want their stars to play in the World Cup.’ “It was ridiculous not to send Suarez off. It is clear, clear-cut and then there was the obvious dive afterwards because he knew very well that he did something that he shouldn’t have done.

“I’d love to see if they have the courage to use video evidence against him. The referee saw the bite mark too, but he did nothing about it.” Suarez found himself the subject for world-wide condemnation.

FIFA vice president Jim Boyce said: “His actions have left him open to severe criticism. We must investigate the incident seriously.” And Michel D’Hooghe, a member of FIFA’s executive committe, added: “It is very, very sad for everybody who loves football.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez believes the 27-year-old should seek support to banish his demons.

“He can win games single-handed and he’s got that focus, that mentality that he can get back from a situation he shouldn’t have derived. he told ESPN.

“But the behaviour, I just seriously think that he needs help. If you cannot control yourself in those moments, you need some sort of help because that’s just unacceptable on a football pitch.”

“We can’t celebrate [the game]. We can’t talk about what Uruguay did. We can’t talk about why Mario Balotelli didn’t come on in the second half.

“It’s about how Luis Suarez is allowed to play the game without carrying that responsibility that you have as a player, being a role model to the younger generation. You cannot justify it.”

Former England manager and Glenn Hoddle said: “You can’t have that on a football pitch. If that happened on a street somewhere you’d be put in prison.

“In a World Cup that has been absolutely fantastic the last thing you want is for kids around the world to see is that. He has got to be banned.


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