MAKEUP TIPS: How to Apply Makeup for Dark Skin (Girls) by BVS

Do you have dark skin? Do you want to wear cute, simple, and attractive makeup? If so, here’s some tips

1…Put on daily moisturizer before you put on makeup.

2…Use a foundation very close to actual skin tone/shade. Put it on blemishes, dark spots and skin discoloration spots. Only on your face.

3…Try using a dark or medium brown color eyeshadow. Or, for a cuter look, try using black. For a unique, fun touch, try using a light or glittery color eyeshadow, which can help your eyes pop. Be careful though;

apply too much and it can look overdone. Generally, if you are using a bright eyeshadow, you should use muted, neutral tones on the rest of your face. eyeshadow.

4…Use a deep red or burgundy color blush on your cheeks.

5…Put chap stick on before your put on lipgloss whether you have chapped lips or not.

6..Try using a nude color lip gloss. Or for a more natural look, clear lip gloss works too!

7…Use a black color mascara. Only put one or two layers.

Use bright colors for evening/night wear. Also you can use bright colors and glitter for special occasions. It really will make you stand out, if your makeup is right and not over the top.

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