TRUE CONFESSION: I want more babies with 2face – Annie Idibia

Annie Idibia had a lot to say in her recent interview with Toolz on ‘The Juice’. The model, actress and celebrity wife talked about her marriage, career and children. She also talked about the possibility of having more babies with the African Pop star.

NET highlights some interesting moments of the interview;

Why she was glad hubby 2face wasn’t with her in labour: ‘For some reason I didn’t want him to be there but he wanted to. He however couldn’t make it because of his job; he came two days later. But I was kind of glad he wasn’t there.’

How she got back into shape five months post-baby Zoe: ‘For the first six weeks I didn’t really do anything, it was afterwards that I just started trying to run little by little. I had my baby through Caesarean Section so I couldn’t tie my belly and all that stuff so it was just simple exercise.’

Her career plans: ‘I have plans for other stuff, I’m trying to set up a studio, and I’m trying to go into production for film.’

How she met 2face Idibia: ‘It wasn’t love at first sight but I just know there was that strong attraction. It was at Even/Ezra studio. I had just finished secondary school and was working on a talent show and I had to use the studio. I think he was recording then; it was just him and Blackface, I don’t think Faze was part of Plantashun Boiz then. It sounds like a movie but that’s how it actually happened. He was seeing someone when I met him.’

Why she said yes to marrying him: ‘If you are seeing somebody and if he proposes to you, wouldn’t you say yes if you really love him? I didn’t know the proposal was coming, we were not really together before the proposal, that’s the truth, we were just being good parents to our daughter. The thing with Innocent is I knew I always loved him since I met him till now so it’s either I’m with him or not. So when he proposed I said yes because when you love someone, you want to be with them regardless.’

Other people she dated: ‘I met people that were really good people that genuinely cared about me and I liked them too but you know when you have a soul mate, it’s your soul mate no matter how far you go, if God actually wants you to be with your soul mate, it will happen.’

Her relationship with 2face’s baby mamas: ‘My daughter is in love with all her siblings, like it’s amazing, it’s beautiful the way she loves them and then Innocent loves all his kids. I can’t but feel the same. With their mums; I’m very civil with everyone. Trying to keep it straight, no beef, no reason for all that’

Romance with 2face: I know him so well, so I think I know what he likes. We play a lot at home. We do almost everything together, from cooking to everything. Innocent loves candles, I’d light up my bedroom with some candles, give him a good massage, get him food, something like that (laughs)’.

Watch the full interview below…


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