NYAKO’S IMPEACHMENT: Commissioners Beaten Up By Governor’s Supporters

The impeachment saga of Adamawa governor, Murtala Nyako took a different turn yesterday as there were reports that supporters of the Governor manhandled some state commissioners and other top government officials for allegedly working with the members of the House of Assembly to impeach the governor and his deputy, Mr James Ngilari.

It was reported on July 18 that Adamawa Assembly move to Impeach Governor Murtala Nyako and his deputy is based on allegations of gross misconduct.

Some of those attacked included the Commissioner for Labour and Productivity, Hamidu Lawan, his counterpart in the Ministry of Environmnt, Mrs Arziki Sawa as well as the Commissioner for Agriculture, Mrs Lucy Ishaku among other top government officials.

Trouble started when Governor Nyako arrived Government House and the top officials were spotted together as they showed their agreement in the impeacement of Nyako were accused by the governor’s supporters of allegedly back-stabbing Nyako which resorted into physically beating up the commissioners, smashing and burning of some of their official vehicles.

”You are saboteurs! You are saboteurs!! rented the air as the commissioners were manhandled one after the other, thereby causing confusion and commotion within the Government House.

Meanwhile the Governor Nyako who said that President Jonathan is not behind the plot to impeach him criticized the state House of Assembly over their sudden decision to impeach him over issues that were not weighty enough after the same legislators had passed a vote of confidence on him about three months ago.

It was reported that 19 out of 25 Adamawa House of Assembly members, who have insisted there’s no going back on the Governor’s impeachment have signed the document containing allegations of gross misconduct against the Governor and his deputy.


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