Samsung unveils Galaxy K Zoom

Samsung Electronics West Africa has unveiled its new Galaxy K Zoom smartphone, which it describes as a revolutionary product that delivers on the company’s mission to create a single device playing the role of a smartphone and a smart camera.”

According to a statement by the firm, it is a variant of the Samsung’s flagship, the Galaxy S5.

The device features capturing ability and combines optics and premium design with the latest Samsung Galaxy technology, aimed at setting new standards for mobile photography.

The firm said the product came with the latest Android operating system, alongside a vivid 4.8” high-definition super Amoled screen.

The Galaxy K Zoom smartphone had also been equipped with an advanced camera system that would offer control and functionality of a professional camera, the firm said.

“The device features a 20.7 megapixel sensor, which is capable of capturing high-quality images with sharp, life-like colours that are clear in all lighting conditions,” it added.

It also came with an Optical Image Stabiliser, which would reduce blurring caused by movement during photography, a 10x optical zoom and a new retracting lens technology.

The K Zoom’s professional quality optics and precise zoom ring adjustments would allow users to create professional quality visual content with every shot, the company said.


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