SHOCKING: Nigerian politicians linked to Boko Haram under investigation – Official

The NIC says the politicians are being investigated over some sensitive materials.
The National Information Centre, NIC, on Wednesday said some politicians suspected to have links with the Boko Haram terrorist group are under investigation.

In an unsigned statement on its website, the NIC said that the need to investigate the politicians arose after successful security operations in Balmo forest.

The defence headquarters had announced that it conducted a successful operation at the Balmo forest, one of the bases of the Boko Haram, leading to the death of dozens of people.

The NIC, in its statement, said the politicians, suspected of having links with the terrorists in the forest, were being interrogated over the recovery of some sensitive materials.

“The politicians are being interrogated following the recovery of some sensitive registration cards and other materials of a prominent political party that were found in the possession of some of the
suspects arrested,” the NIC said.
It said that investigation is still going on to help unravel the identity of others that may
have been involved.

The NIC also said that names and political parties of those found to be involved with the terrorists activities in the forest will be revealed at the end of the investigation.
It said that the Nigerian government, especially, the security agencies will not condone the involvement of politicians in security matters.

On the abducted Chibok schoolgirls, the NIC said that effort has been made and acknowledged by the National Council of State to not only rescue the Chibok girls but ensure their safe release.

It said that owing to the delicate nature of the operations being carried out by the security agencies, details cannot be made available for now.


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