Harry Potter Actor Found Dead In California!

Reports say Dave Legeno may have been dead 3-4 days before his body was found

One of the villains from the “Harry Potter” movies British actor Dave Legeno has died while hiking in Death Valley, according to TMZ reports.

Legeno’s body was found by a pair of hikers on Sunday in an area so remote. A CHP helicopter was called in to remove the corpse.

50-year-old Legeno played the werewolf Fenrir Greyback in the ‘Harry Potter’ movies. He was also in the film, “Snatch.”

The Inyo County Sheriff’s Department (in California) says it appears the actor died of heat related issues … and may have been dead for 3-4 days before his body was discovered. Summer temperatures in Death Valley are known to go over 120 degrees.

The coroner still has Legeno’s body while his family makes plans. He reportedly has a daughter in her 20s.


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