Governor Babatunde Fashola lambast the PDP over its usage of the Gani Fawehinmi’s park for a political rally.

The State Governor made it known that the opposing party has belittled itself by the making use of the park which belongs to the party in which PDP is solely opposing. Criticizing the PDP’s act, Gov.

Fashola called the group shameless and members of the group, bunch of defaulters for hitherto making use of one of the beautiful parks and gardens they have condemned his administration on, saying he wasted government funds on unimportant things.

Speaking at the 2014 Tree Planting Campaign in Eti-Osa Local Council Development Area, Gov. Fasghola reiterated the importance of tree planting which he revealed made him to come up with the initiative of building gardens with plants because life is better with trees which co-incidentally was the theme of the tree planting awareness programme.

The Gov. made it known that the Gani Fawehinmi Park which PDP used for its political rally came into existence through an initiative of the Lagos State Government called Greening and Tree Planting initiative which turned the “not-so-beautiful-environment” to a masterpiece of its own. He explained that even  PDP could not resist the serene state of the park, even after condemning it, the group still used it.

In his words: “When the people held rally at that park to protest against the anti-people policy of the subsidy removal by our opponents, they were repelled by heavily-armed security personnel. “They always turn security personnel against the people they are supposed to protect instead of against those who threaten the people.

But our opponents have no shame. In their unthinking inconsistency, it was at the same park, the same Gani Fawehinmi Park that they now chose to hold their party rally last week. “They lie, they forget what they said.

They have forgotten that the park is cosmetic, that the park is elitist, or indeed are they the elites? For me, they have shown us who they are ─ a party that is unworthy of trust and lacking in consistency.”

Making it known to the public how close the end of his tenure is, he implored all indigents to keep up the planting culture as the State Government had institutionalised the policy by setting up the Lagos State Parks and Gardens to maintain the parks adding that the All Progressives Congress is saddled with the continuity of the initiative not minding what the opposing party thinks about the it. 

Pledging for the support and votes of the indigents for the All Progressives Congress come 2015, the Governor revealed that his administration created 28,094 jobs from the annual tree planting initiative between 2008 and 2013.

It could be recalled that just few days ago, the Governor strongly criticized the mismanagement of the federal government while inspecting the roads in the Apapa area of the state.

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