I Have Moved On From Empress – TIMAYA

Their love had been the talk of the town and they seemed inseperable from each other grasps, but when the inevitable breakup occurred both went on each others jugulars.

Timaya was the first to put their business into public and said then he regretted associating himself with the actress, and immediately the actress fired back saying her mother would have been a very angry woman had she gone to the altar with the Bayelsa State-born music artiste.

That was now a long time ago and it seemed both have moved on with Timaya getting married and saying his wife is the type of woman he always wanted.

Empress on the other hand seems to still be on the search for her Mr. Perfect but that is not stopping her from living an active life. She is working as an actress and has been actively doing her charity work  and also running her House of Empress business venture.

However Timaya recently told a Vanguard reporter that he is over Empress, He said: “I’m not missing anything about Empress. She’s my past and I have a beautiful family now.
What is there to miss about her?” I’m more concerned with charity works.

When Empress was asked to respond to Timaya’s new revelations she said she doesn’t want to have any more public fights over little things, she said: “I am beyond all these small talks. I’m more concerned with charity walks now.

My interest in life is putting smiles on the faces of the deprived, the sad ones and those who need a helping hand”, she wrote.


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