Nigerian celebrities will make you feel as if you are nobody – US base Naija art..AREWA

Wudup readers..your darling blog is back with another TOP PERSONALITY OF THE WEEK, and we are here with one of the finest sexy US base nigeria female artiste….The TOLONGO crooner..AREWA.

Life is a journey and Bukunmi Elizabeth Martins aka AREWA has some to share with us another success story of life, so sit back relax and digest this story.

@PRIENBLOG: Tell us more about AREWA

My names are Bukunmi Elizabeth Martins, i was born in july 27th 1989 at ijebu-ode raised in lagos by my parents.

@PRIENBLOG: Why did u choose the stage name….AREWA ?

The reason i chooses the name AREWA as my stage name, actually that day i was at the studio with Adol and my producer B.jay, and we started contemplating on what should be my stage name so, Adol was like, you are beautiful and you song has to do with culture stuff, you can call your self Arewa and we all agreed on that. so that was how the name came up.

@PRIENBLOG: What inspired you to join the music scene

Since i got to know about my talent which GOD has given to me, i then started working on my self, and of course i got inspired with word of God that says, if you do not use the talent given to you by God, a stone will represent you, and since i don’t want a mere stone to take my place, then i have to lift up the hand work of the Almighty God in my life. and i know i can do better than some out there. meanwhile, music is my life, my world and that was what i had chosen as a

@PRIENBLOG: When did you join the music industry professionally

I join the music industry in 2008 when i released a gospel album but something happened during that, and that was when i got admission to Moshood abiola polytechnic at Abeokuta. and i started hip hop music in 2011 till date.

@PRIENBLOG: How where able to cope with school and music ?

well, coping with school and music is not an easy task, it really takes the grace of God to be able to cope, but i was able to but not to the fullest as i wanted. With all i still give glory to God.

@PRIENBLOG: What re the challenges, experience and gain so far ?

WOW!!! There was a lot of challenges especially when its comes to female artist, but i believe every challenges is just to get you prepared for the future, but the only thing that got me through the whole challenges was God’s grace and me being focused and determined.

@PRIENBLOG: What can you say about nigeria music industry compare to US

US music industry can not be compared to that of Nigeria music industry, the difference is much, US music industry still encourage and create rooms for the up comings to achieve their dreams, though they deal with money but they will still try all they can to make you feel you are already at the top. more so, the celebrity will always respond to you in a good manner on like Nigerian celebrity, they will make you feel as if you are no body. well if i continue with the differences… i won’t be able to give answer to the rest of the questions.

@PRIENBLOG: Do you see any difference and what do you think can done to improve

The problems in Nigeria music industry is what we will use to solve or help to find solution.

@PRIENBLOG: Can you tell us more about your song..TOLONGO ?

Well, Tolongo used to be a child’s play song, which we used to sing in a circle formed, but because of globalization most children doesn’t even know about all this child’s play songs, then i just thought we mustn’t forgo our tradition and culture just like that, but if some parent can listen my song titled Tolongo ft Adol, they can then let their children knows about it.

@PRIENBLOG: Any plan of dropping new song or video of tolongo ?

Yes, with the support of God, my husband Olumide A. Ogundimu and my mother-in-law, and some of the producers here, we are planning to shoot a video of the song and also working on other songs.

@PRIENBLOG: Are you sign to any label yet ?

Not yet signed here but i just want to take my time, but for now my husband is my manager….

@PRIENBLOG: Any major event you ve perform so far and how was the experience ?
I have performed in several events in nigeria, and it was amazing, but i don’t just like the way upcoming artists are been treated.

@PRIENBLOG: How do you cope with your male fans ?

WOW…. well coping with my male fans is not that difficult, all i know is it has to do with maturity.

@PRIENBLOG: Can you join the trending by going nude on screen ? If not why ?

Never will i go nude on the screen, the reason i can’t do that is, one I’m married, secondly, if your audience likes you, you don’t need to go crazy by joining trends and appearing nude on the screen. who God has bless no man can curse.

@PRIENBLOG: As a young artiste what are bringing to the industry ?

Some thing great, good music. Am gonna impact my own quarter to see Nigeria music industry grow better.

@PRIENBLOG: best food

My best food is egg and plantain

@PRIENBLOG: Most memorable day.

my most memorable day, was when i won at a church musical competition when i was 7years,

@PRIENBLOG: Turn on?

My turn on is honest,

@PRIENBLOG: Turn out .

Hmmmmm Dishonest,

@PRIENBLOG: First kiss

wow my first kiss? can’t remember that,

@PRIENBLOG: First slap.

First slap was from my mother but i love her so much, because she trained me well to become who i want to be in life.

@PRIENBLOG: Word for your fans.

To fans both home and abroad, I’m really proud and glad to know that you all are supporting me, and i pray that may God Almighty bless you all and support you in all of your endeavors. stay calm and cool to receive more from me…. still you Girl AREWA.

@PRIENBLOG: Special thanks

Special thanks to God Almighty for bringing me this far, also to my parent Mr. Mrs.Taiwo Martins, to my husband my life,my heart rob Mr. Olumide A. Ogundimu.

Finally to Prien Prince, you are really a rare gem, as you are supporting me to achieve my dream, everything that has to do with and your family will be achieve with ease in Jesus Name, and your heart desires will be granted in Jesus Name.

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