My first… with GT the Guitarman

What is the first instrument you learnt how to play?

That would be the guitar. I taught myself how to play it and I cannot remember the year I learnt it exactly.

What is the name of the first country you ever performed in outside Nigeria?

The first country I ever performed in outside Nigeria was in South Africa.

What was the first car you used?

My first car was a Mitsubishi Sigma and I bought it for about N250,000 in 2005 or so.

Who is the first artiste you signed on to your record label?

His name is BJ and I signed him on to my record label last year.

What is the name of the girl that first broke your heart?

I cannot remember who exactly the first girl is because I have had my heart broken a lot of times.

When was the first time you ever performed in public?

It was during a church programme back in 2001.

Who was the first person to believe in you?

The first person that believed in me was Omobaba, the comedian.


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