My kidnap wasn’t publicity stunt –Nkiru Sylvanus

She acts and paints the picture of somebody who can never hurt a fly but Nkiru Sylvanus is one actress who has not been devoid of scandals and controversies.

First, her kidnap two years ago made a lot of brouhaha and so many people even believed that it was staged-managed, just a publicity stunt.

But the actress told Saturday Beats recently that the kidnap was a reality.

Ironically, Nkiru said she was abducted while shooting a movie where her character was abducted in the movie.

While saying she would never go to such an extent just to promote a movie, Nkiru said she would never wish her worst enemy the days she spent in the kidnappers’ den.

She said, “I will not wish my enemy to be kidnapped, but if somebody would be abducted and kept in the bush for five days just to pull a stunt, more power to the person’s elbow. For me, it was a terrible experience that I do not wish anybody. I would say that for almost five days, I did not eat anything apart from drinking water.”

Sylvanus also debunked rumours that she got married and is now the second wife of a popular politician.

“I had an interview on the television where I was asked if I could be a second wife for any reason and I said yes. You can never say never because anything is possible, life is full of surprises. Being a second wife is not a crime, it is not something you do and get condemned for life. If you find the right person and he is married and willing to take you into his home and you are willing to accept the challenges, then why not give it a chance. So if I find myself in that situation where I find a man that I love, appreciate and want to spend the rest of my life with and he is married, I would follow my happiness.

“I am just saying that we should not discriminate against women who are second wives because you cannot tell another person’s story better than the person. As you can see, I am still single; I am not yet married,” Sylvanus said.

Sylvanus premiered her movie, The Voice, in Lagos recently and a lot of celebs graced the event..


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