I Love Sex, Even in my old age, I would like to have sex – Maheeda

In a chat with the Vanguard, the controversial singer opened up on sex and other issues.

Are you addicted to sex?

I love sex, everybody is addicted to sex. Why does everybody just think I’m the only one who loves sex? If there’s no sex, I won’t be normal. Everything will just be sexy to me

Do you think there’ll be a time when you’ll stop having sex?

I don’t pray for that time. Even in my old age, I would like to have sex

How do you deal with your critics?

They make me strong and what I am today. Five years ago, they dealt with me to the point that I had to cry.

But that very moment actually made me strong. I faced a lot of challenges then and my man was by my side.

He was trying to make me understand that this is the true nature of showbiz. I thought I was liked by people. Then, I couldn’t sing but now, I’m stronger.

When you’re doing your shows, do you go nude on stage?

It depends on how much I am paid for the show. The list is there, do you want Maheeda to go nude on stage? This is your price. The same thing goes to anyone that wants me to go nude in his musical video.


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