Federal Government Postpones Resumption of Schools Over Ebola Outbreak

To prevent an outbreak of the Ebola Viral Disease (EVD), the Federal Government has reportedly approved the extension of the current holiday of primary and secondary schools across the country until further notice.

NewTelegraph reports that the development, government stated, is part of measures to curb the spread of Ebola.

Senior Special Assistant to the President on Youth and Students Matters, Comrade Jude Imagwe, who disclosed the postponement of school resumption in Abuja yesterday did not state how long the students would be on holiday.

He said that President Goodluck Jonathan was wary of the danger of the disease to the nation’s future generation and as a result ordered that the schools remained on holiday till the country find a way out of the outbreak.

“He advised that as a President, he did not desire that our secondary and primary schools should be opened at this time because we have high population of young brothers and sisters who want to see themselves grow from primary and graduate tomorrow.

We cannot have what it takes to have eye on each of these brothers and sisters: the future of this country in their classes,” he said.

While advising Nigerians to value their life and those of others around them, Imagwe also berated those suspected to have the virus and had been put under surveillance but escaped. This, he noted, constitutes great health risk to many unsuspecting Nigerians.

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SHOKING: Robbers Shoot Pastor To Death Over Fake Gold Chain

In a heartbreaking chain of events Thursday, a well-known South Florida pastor was shot dead after he refused to hand over his fake gold chain to two men who tried to rob him as he left a local market.

Police told Local 10 News that pastor Kenneth Johnson, 67, of Power of Faith Deliverance Ministries, was ambushed by at least two men in what they Know was a robbery attempt.

Witnesses say that the robbers had targeted a fake gold chain the pastor had around his neck and they struggled over it before the senior citizen was shot dead.

Johnson’s wife, Latoya, grieved over the loss of her husband after hearing the news, telling News 10 that her world is now gone.

“He was my world. He was my world,” she said. “He was a good pastor, a kind, good-hearted man. Why would they do that? Why would they take his life? Just take the chain and go home.”

Mohammad Bashier, the supermarket owner who witnessed the murder, recalled the pastor as “a very nice man.”

“I heard the shot. They went up behind him. And one grabbed him, and the other shot him,” said Bashier.

Police questioned two men in connection with the pastor’s death but no arrests have been made.

Pastor Johnson had served in Liberty City for more than a decade and friends in the area said he was a man who would open his heart and his wallet to help the community.

“He’d give anybody his last,” Billy Denson, a Liberty City resident told News 10. “He didn’t even have to know you and he would give you his last.”

Community leaders now believe that the pastor’s death could spark an awakening in the community because of how connected he was.

“The rules of the street were broken because this guy lives and operates in this area,” said pastor Vinson Spann, a longtime friend of Johnson. “He feeds them, he gives his clothes.”


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PROTEST: Police fire teargas to disperse protesters at Lagos Airport

Police fired teargas on Wednesday to disperse protesters at the cargo area of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in. Lagos, western Nigeria as the crisis between foreign airlines and Nigerian clearing and forwarding agents entered day eight.

The protesters, in their thousands, stormed the cargo terminal ‎of the Lagos airport in a bid to have an administrative fee charged by foreign airlines cancelled. They said the fee is illegal and not charged anywhere else in the world.

“When goods are sent to us from foreign countries, all fees are paid to the airlines. It is illegal for them to collect another fee from us just to hand us the documents,” Rotimi Ojo Olaifa , a clearing agent with Admair Agencies Nigeria Limited.

He said aside for paying ‘normal’ fees to Customs, FAAN and other agencies, foreign airlines have been collecting between N30 and N35 per kilo for any consignment.

“We want them to stop charging such illegal fees,” Olaifa said.

The protesters carried placards that read “foreign airlines, stop illegal fees”; “foreign airlines, stop milking Nigerians” and “We say no to illegal charges”.

The protesters moved from their secretariat at the cargo area of the airport and staged a protest at the Customs office. They sang and danced and bowed not to stop until the foreign airlines are stopped.


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Cameroon arrests 40 Boko Haram suspects

Cameroon’s military has arrested 40 suspected Boko Haram militants in the north of the country.   Soldiers have also sealed off a market where they suspect Boko Haram may be hiding arms for use in the insurgency over the border in Nigeria.

Col. Nyemeck Pierre, who led the military raid, told VOA that the central government ordered the military action as part of its fight against Boko Haram incursions into Cameroon.

“It is the duty of the military to filter the population so that enemies do not infiltrate into Cameroon,” he said in French Language.

He added that the matter was complicated because along the border there were Nigerians and Cameroonians “who belong to the same families and soldiers have to try to distinguish who is a militant.

Also, a state radio broadcaster in Cameroon also announced that, “A gendarme [military] raid on the Maroua Central Market has led to the arrests of over 40 people.

“The arrests are in connection with the ongoing investigations into the activities of the Boko Haram group in the far north region of the country.”

In an interview with the private Danay FM radio station, Maroua businessman Wanika Baba, said many of the arrested were his peers and there was confusion in the community.

He added that he did not understand what was happening as the military has had the market sealed off for two days now and have arrested so many people.

Baba said children and women were suffering from the closure and “no one knows the fate of those arrested.”

This is the first time Cameroon’s military has carried out an operation on such a large scale in a single day.

Northern Cameroon has been plagued for almost a year with an influx of refugees and militants from strife in neighbouring Central African Republic and the Boko Haram violence in northern Nigeria.

Authorities in Cameroon have been urging citizens along the border – particularly with Nigeria’s Borno State – the heart of the Boko Haram insurgency – to cooperate with the government by providing information on suspected sympathisers with the Islamist sect.

The Cameroonian government believes Boko Haram is now expanding its recruitment into Cameroon.


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SHOKING WORDS: Stop acting like a rebel group, PDP tells APC

The Peoples Democratic Party has counselled the All Progressives Congress to jettison all undemocratic and anti-people tendencies and imbibe proper comportment as an opposition party in a democratic setting.

The PDP National Publicity Secretary, Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Thursday in Abuja, said with its new leadership, Nigerians expect a new behaviour from the APC, adding that the opposition party “must understand that it is not a rebel group, and as such, must throw over-board all actions and tendencies that portray it in that light.”

Metuh said, “Nigerians of all walks of life have continued to express worry over the character of the APC as an opposition party.

“The APC must realise that in a democracy, being an opposition party demands a great responsibility marked by constructive engagement and propagation of alternatives in the general interest.

“The APC must be advised to undertake a survey of how other opposition parties conduct themselves. Being an opposition party does not, in any way, confer a culture of irresponsibility; being an opposition party does not in any way confer a licence for promotion of violence; and being an opposition party does not confer use of blackmail and falsehood as means of achieving political control.”

He said Nigerians were no longer comfortable with an opposition driven by frustration and bitterness, characterised by a compulsive penchant for lies and deceit.

He said Nigerians would not want an opposition that has no regard for the national interest but behaves as if it has no stake in the Nigerian project, adding that Nigerians would want an opposition that would purposefully engage on issues with integrity and honesty and not with falsehood and deceit.

Metuh noted that despite its change of leadership, the APC has continued with its culture of lies. He said, “There is nothing in the last one week that shows that they are willing to jettison this despicable and unpatriotic stance.”

Insisting that the APC does not have the interest of the nation at heart, the PDP spokesperson likened the actions of the APC to that of the Biblical woman, who he said, out of frustration, pressed King Solomon to kill and divide the baby of an innocent mother for no just cause.

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